Friday, September 3, 2010

"Alive" Goldfrapp

Our girl Allison Goldfrapp is here an aspect of Aphrodite/Venus/Ishtar/Isis/Astarte or whatever other Goddess of Fertility and Feminine Lady-ness you prefer. Men (Represented by the goths) worship her (With dance!). The goth makeup and clothing is an exaggerated indicator of masculinity, its aggressiveness as well as its tendency to peacock. She comes to earth in the form of an aerobics instructor, having gathered that us humans would be more comfortable with Olivia Newton-John than Her full celestial awesomeness. The Goth dudes keep Her imprisoned in Her temple so as to bask in her heavenly neon light. She remains impassive, allowing them to worship

Our Goddess then calls Her female acolytes (preistesses/nymphs/attendents/worshippers) to Her temple to "reward" the dudes for their prayers. This is represented by the dancing, with its copious gyrating and thrusting. At the right moment, the Goddess endows her femal acolytes with Vampire powers! They feast on the men's multicolored belief and life force, and celebrate. They pour their Goddess a glass of life force, She exposes her golden fangs, showing us that even the highest life forms succumb to the pressures of the Id.

The pentagram on the floor is a Wiccan symbol representing the Goddess, and thus appropriate in a temple. The women's workout gear represents their closeness to their Goddess. She is an aerobics instructor in the first place because She wishes to associate herself with self-improvement, and the fight to become our higher selves, as well as the cult of beauty and appearance to which we all belong. The circle dance at the end recalls Roman Bacchanals of old. The late 70s motifs are in place as they represent a time noted for its excess and hedonism, satisfaction of baser instincts.

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